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California doesn't require that state or even local police officers examine the immigration status during traffic stops or similar conditions, and also, numerous cities in the Golden State have "sanctuary" policies with regard to assisting federal immigration attempts. Nevertheless, under a federal application, all people arrested are actually fingerprinted and run by way of a database which checks their immigration status. These are but a couple of state laws that all immigrants should be fully aware of, especially if they wish to continue on their path to citizenship to our country. Our dedicated and skilled California immigration lawyer at the Law Office of Todd Becraft can also advise you about many more laws and situations that you should be aware of, in order to maintain your status.
At The Law Office of Todd Becraft, we have been successfully practicing immigration law for over the past thirty years, giving us the knowledge and the upper hand to deal with any immigration issues that you may be presented with. As the leading California immigration lawyer throughout the entire state, we have the know how, along with the professional resources which will allow you the easiest way of obtaining and maintaining your citizenship in this country. It’s extremely critical for you to understand the entire process when it comes to legally being able to reside in this country, and we feel that all good people, such as yourself, deserve the chance for your piece of the American dream.
When a lot of people start the immigration procedure, they might wonder why they need to work with a lawyer and not handle it themselves. Effectively, you can find a number of good things about hiring an immigration lawyer to assist you. Immigration law could be unforgiving and unpredictable. It is not difficult to make blunders that can't be quickly corrected, and sadly, a number of mistakes may be irreversible. For instance, in case an immigration officer or even a judge determines you're committing fraud or possibly making false representations, you can be permanently barred from any immigration advantage down the road.
You might miss opportunities to enhance your status, since a selection of immigration programs aren't generally known. You can be qualified for an application or an advantage that you are unaware of. Your case is simply too vital that you entrust it to amateurs. Immigration law impacts the things which are most crucial to us, like our family, obtaining work, and living in a secure place. An immigration case which succeeds or fails could affect the rest of your life and the lives of those you love. It is crucial to entrust your case to our experts who have developed an expertise within the industry.
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California Immigration Lawyer
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