im600203Deportation and Removal

Although the deportation and removal process is not a criminal hearing it is very similar. The rules are very complicated and failure to follow them can result in a deportation order.  Hearings cannot be missed and the judge’s directions must be followed exactly. As a result, it is extremely important that individuals in removal proceedings have knowledgeable representation. Under current immigration laws, even relatively small misdemeanors can lead to a removal from the United States, even if an individual has a green card. In addition, staying beyond an authorized stay, failing to follow the conditions of one’s status, or entering without proper documents can result in removal proceedings.

We work on all deportation issues including, illegal entry, overstays or violations of visa, fraud and criminal conduct. We provide specific advice relevant to your circumstances and we will recommend an appropriate legal strategy. This may include: applications for asylum, cancellation of removal, adjustment of status, or bond re-determination hearings, among others.


The Law Office of Todd Becraft is experienced with all stages of the asylum process, including credible fear interviews, asylum application filings and interviews, and immigration hearings. The law firm handles both affirmative and defensive asylum matters for individuals fleeing persecution for ethnic, political, religious, gender-based, and other uniquely specialized grounds. The firm obtains asylum for individuals from countries across the globe, including Burma, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Congo, Armenia, Iran, Honduras and Mexico. We are experienced in handling complicated asylum issues related to firm resettlement, late asylum filings subject to the one-year bar, and credibility. If  you are afraid to return to your home country you may be able to obtain lawful status in the U.S. through a grant of asylum. Asylum may be granted if your fear is based on your race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political beliefs, membership in a particular social group, and possibly domestic abuse

Citizenship and Naturalization

The Law Office of Todd Becraft can assist you in realizing the dream of U.S. citizenship. The citizenship process may require the expert guidance of a skilled advocate well versed in the complexity of the citizenship statutes. This may involve a perceived ineligibility for naturalization or an understanding of the citizenship by derivation or acquisition requirements. Indeed, some of the requirements for citizenship may be modified or waived for certain applicants, such as spouses of U.S citizens, or members of the military and certain elderly applicants.  A skilled advocate can help with this aspect of the process. The right to vote, the right to travel freely throughout the world, the right to sponsor family members who want to come to this country—these are just some of the many benefits you will enjoy upon becoming a U.S. citizen.

Federal Appeals

Once the Department of Homeland Security or an Immigration Judge has rendered a decision, there may be an administrative appeal to the Administrative Appeals Office (“AAO”) of the Department of Homeland Security or the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) of the Department of Justice. The Law Office of Todd Becraft is highly experienced in representing individuals before both the AAO and the BIA. We have been counsel in a number of decisions addressing such topics as reinstatement of removal, asylum, credibility, challenges to criminal charges of removability, burdens of proof, and other due process issues.

The law firm also has significant expertise in representing clients before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Todd Becraft has over ten years of experience in seeking reversals of immigration judge decisions.

Entertainers, Athletes and Artists

The Law Office of Todd Becraft provides temporary visa and permanent residence solutions to athletes, artists, actors, and other entertainment industry specialists. This practice area includes assistance with O, P and Q visas as well as permanent residence status through extraordinary ability/achievement first preference petitions.

Clients come from all sectors of the entertainment industry and include directors, cinematographers, directors of photography, art directors, visual consultants, editors, costume designers, visual and special effects artists, actors and culturally significant performers.

Investors and Entrepreneurs

For many U.S. immigrants the visa waiting line can take many years. This delay along with increasingly complicated adjudication standards has made obtaining a green card, a disaster for many wishing to live permanently in the United States.

The U.S. Congress authorized the EB5 Visa, employment-based fifth preference category of immigration, which allows for10, 000 immigrant visas annually. 10,000 immigrant EB5 visas is far more than the number used in any one year accordingly the immigrant visas for EB5 investors are always “current” and immediately available. Essentially the EB5 program provides U.S. permanent residence (Green Card) when there is an investment of $1 million (or as low as $500,000 in many cases) and a plan for creation of 10 jobs.

Victims of Crime / Domestic Violence

The Law Office of Todd Becraft represents clients who cooperate in criminal investigations to obtain nonimmigrant visas in one of three categories: S visas for clients who have information concerning organized crime or terrorism, T visas for victims of human trafficking, and U visas for victims of certain violent crimes. (Some common examples include domestic violence, involuntary servitude, kidnapping, false imprisonment, assault, blackmail, and extortion) These visas may lead to permanent residence (green card). Because these visas requires the victim to cooperate in any criminal investigation, speaking with an attorney before seeking one is highly advised.

In addition we help victims of domestic violence to obtain to residency. We have significant experience filing self-petitions or battered spouse petitions for spouses, ex-spouses, and children of U.S. citizens and lawful permanent residents who have been subjected to physical abuse or mental cruelty. Instead of relying on a spouse to apply for a green card, victims of domestic violence can apply for residency independently.

For individuals who are in immigration court proceedings, we have obtained cancellation of removal (permanent residency) for battered spouses and children, as well as domestic violence-based asylum.


The Law Office of Todd Becraft helps families reunite and remain together by seeking family-based pathways of immigration for spouses, children, parents and siblings of citizens and lawful permanent residents. We handle all family-based immigration matters, including families of asylees, adoptions abroad, fiancé visas and overcoming issues related to crimes, health and misrepresentation.