Praise from our clients

I met Todd Becraft 4 years ago. I am very grateful for being referred to him in regards of my case with USCIS. Todd helped to knock my case down.

He is experienced and knowledgeable, which is the most important aspect when I look for an immigration lawyer. You don’t need a lawyer who just wants to follow the standard process without knowing how to deal with specific scenarios. He is very approachable and down-to -earth person.

Todd is transparent about the cost and even allows for installment payments. No extra fee in the end or anything hidden.
If you are looking for competent and diligent professional then call for Todd Becraft.

~ Jelena Tihomirova

Todd and Dennis worked on my immigration case and they did a great job as a team. My case was handled in a professional matter and was quickly resolved. They are always available to clients and return calls and messages fast. I recommend Todd’s office for any type of immigration case.

~ David N

Mr. Becraft and his staff are great at what they do. He is very knowledgable and helpful to his clients. I will for sure go back and acquire his services in the future again.

~ Anita Rodriguez

Todd Becraft and his assistant Sandy were nothing but exceptional handling my mom’s case. They are efficient, helpful and reliable. Always available and willing to answer all our question and concerns at anytime. Sandy is sweet and kind and always greeted us with a smile. It was a pleasure having them as our lawyers, they treat clients like family.

~ Maria P.

Outstanding!!! Calling Todd was a Great decision. He and his staff made my experience as painless and enjoyable as possible.

~ Owen Dunne

An awesome attorney.very caring and Helpful.. and an excellent staff. I recommend their services.

~ Travis Shake

I just wanted to say thank you again and thank for doing such a great job

~ Armando Navarro

It is such an amazing gift to be a savvy and knowledgeable attorney and at the same time a brilliant artist. I am grateful that Todd recently has accepted to be on the board of our NGO Saye org which helps children and women globally. After witnessing clients success story and learning about Todd’s positive and respectable reputation in his field I was blown away by his passion for art.

~ Bonnie Mae

Attorney Becraft and Dennis worked on my mother’s case. We are very pleased with the results and their hard work. They are very efficient and I would recommend them to my family and friends.

~ Kelly Portillo

Todd Becraft is a longtime friend and has stood with CARECEN in the fight for immigrant rights. Mr. Becraft is an excellent attorney, highly knowledgeable, thoughtful and compassionate.

~ Jenny Villegas

Thank you Todd and Dennis for working hard on my case and helping me obtain my documents. Thanks to you I can sleep at night without worrying about being deported. I recommend your services, to everyone that needs an immigration attorney. Todd is the best!!!!

~ Manuel G

My husband had a very complex immigration case entailing political asylum. Halfway through the case, Mr. Becraft had to pick it up. I could always count on him to tell us exactly how the case was evolving. He was honest, upright and professional. But most of all, he got the job done. After more than 16 years, my husband secured his residency. I will always be grateful to Mr. Becraft for his hard work!

~ Gloria Granados Avila

The Law Office of Todd Becraft is an outstanding immigration firm. Todd Becraft and his team have made that posibility of making people’s dream come true. Speaking from personal experience, Todd and his team are very professional and very straight when it comes to helping people. I strongly recommend the Law Office of Todd Becraft.

~ Hector Sampedro

Having Todd Becraft as my immigration lawyer was the smartest thing I did for myself. He is fair, patient, honest and understanding. He handles his cases effectively from start to finish, he communicate with his client on the progress of the case. Most of all his respect for his client is phenomenal.

He worked with my little budget and never failed to appear even though had not paid him. I cannot write/describe enough about Todd but I can recommend him to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer. I happy my case was a success with Todd.

~ Beatrice Conley

Tod and his team are the best choice! I Researched and went through a lot of options before I found them, it was the best choice I made! They’re by far the most reliable attorney service in LA. What I like about them is that they really get involved in your case and go above and beyond in order to assist you and help you have a successful outcome in your case! I give them a 5 star review for sure!

~ Bianca Vincent

Lawyer Todd Becraft interacted and treated me with respect and kindness. He is always regular and punctual on the appointment. His expertise, truthfulness and kindness make him among those lawyers you can trust your case in. I am pleased to know him and working with him and I would not hesitate to refer any bonafide member of my family, friends and colleagues to him.

Thank you Todd

~ Omar Sillah

The personal attention Todd gives each of his clients. The staff is always polite and ready to assist you. He is very knowledgeable and knows the law. Most importantly he helps us families with immigration issues together and gives us hope. His staff is amazing supportive and always available,,hours of office very flexible.

~ Lillian Rivas

I recommend you ”Law Office of Todd Becraft”. the staff is so helpful. And for my experience this is the best lawyer you can go if you ever need help with immigration. He got my case with immigration and the process was really fast. Dennis will help you with every question the you have. thanks Law Office of Todd Becraft….

~ Teresa Casco

Certainly Attorney Todd Becraft, is the best immigration lawyer I know, among its qualities include:. Honesty, dedication, professionalism, very intelligent, charisma, deep knowledge of immigration law, etc,, He always puts first customer benefits and devotes all its resources and expertise to fight each case to win, honesty allows you to always speak the truth to your customers about the true reality of each case. One hundred percent recommend as the best California immigration attorney if not the best one of the best at the country level. Finally I want to acknowledge the commitment, dedication and professionalism of his team them together to make Todd perhaps the best team to handle cases of immigration in the country.

~ Ariel Arauz

Atty.Todd Becraft is a human being that people with immigration issue like me will always respect and wish that I met him earlier in my life.
Aside from being professional, he make everything simple and easy for you to understand .Although he’s a man of few word, you can see and feel how dedicated and sincere he is, wanting to make things right.Atty.Todd Becraft knows and understand that the sooner he can make our issues legitimate, the more our life will be optimisstic.
Atty. Todd Becraft is like Halley’s Comet ( can see it every 75 years), if anyone needed legal immigration expertise, the answer is just in front of you.
Atty. Todd Becraft staffs were as great like him.The staffs were very friendly,helpful and informative.

~ Rolando Go

Mr. Becraft has been my only immigration lawyer and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I trust him with not only my immigration issues but also my families. He managed to fix my immigration status and is currently working on my families. I can also recommend him to anyone that is seeking an immigration lawyer; he is very knowledgeable, kind, trustworthy and most importantly, honest. You can’t go wrong with Todd Becraft’s services.

~ Ali Reza Moin Azad

The law office of todd becraft is the best they are helping me with my u visa process they’re service is great I recomend them to anybody.thanks mr becraft and associates now I get to stay with my kids for good.

~ Jose Carranza

Tim Everett, Todd, Sandy and Dennis were so helpful and caring. They treated me with respect and successfully represented me. I am so grateful for all of their help.

~ Jaime B

Attorney accepted my case with dedication and patience. The first time I met him, and presented my immigration problem, I was certain that he was sincere and honest. Through the years, he is aproachable when i have questions. Also his fee is very affordable. If you are looking for immigration lawyer, he is the one you can trust.

~ Fe Panis

I had a complicated case and Mr. Becraft helped me with it. He is a decent man and an honest attorney. He has high demeanor and His fees are so reasonable. He was always available to answer my questions via phone or email.

~ Kaveh K

I write this review not as a former or existing client of Law Office of Todd Becraft, but as a colleague who has known Todd Becraft for several years professionally.

Todd is a very knowledgeable, intelligent and zealous attorney and enjoys an excellent reputation in the immigration bar.

~ Armen Gukasyan

Incredible person, very friendly and super helpful. I won my case and mr Becraft did everything to help me out.

~ Koda Bear

As I was looking for an immigration lawyeri was fortunate to come across TODD BECRAFT,
At that time I was supper confused about my case and I didn’t know what to do,The first thing that struck me about TODD was how composed ,cool ,humbled and collected he was not forgetting to mention down to earth ………So right away I knew I wanted him to be my laywer .His experience is top notch and also very professional he made sure I understood what was happeninig with my case and what I was supposed to by effectively communicating with all the time.

As for the charges he is reasonable priced and no hidden fees like other laywers do when one is in the middle of the case which is so frustrating .I am estatic that I am done with my case and so so much thankful to TODD for being super helpful though out my journey

I would definatly recommend TODD AS A LAYWER

~ Selina Henz

He is a vey nice person.. Thanks to him im still in this country.. And he is helping me to get my green card.. I will git it. Because i believe in him..

~ Katherine Moreno

My relational with Todd has been very positive and he is very professional and caring he has been my lawyer for about 8 +years and he has given me hope he is courteous and always punctual he takes each client as his top priority and gives it his all I continue acquire his services cuz truly I don’t believe I can find a better lawyer

~ Roop Biggdogg

The law office of Todd Becraft was extremely helpful in obtaining visas for performers from Nigeria, as part of a non-profit guest artist program

~ Heather Hoggan

Very good service! I recommend Todd to whoever is in need of legal immigration advice..

~ Jose Jovel

Todd is a exellent lawyer he helped me w getting my job permitt i recommended him to a friend that now has also a job permitt thank you todd becraft

~ Vanessa Morales

I was a customer of the Law Office of Todd Becraft and met there very conscientious people who helped me get a Green Card in a short time. I especially want to thank Todd Becraft and Sandy Gomez for hard work with my case.

~ Jamila Cali Heydari

He was a very great help in my obtaining my residence

~ Ekow Barnes

(Translated by Google) Hello, blessings.

I recommend in my opinion attorney Todd Becraft why the helped me fix my residence in two years I recommend it because it is very effective and responsible in their work is good attorney 🙂

~ Erika Urrutia

(Translated by Google) Mr Becraft helped me a lot with my immigration situcion. I recommend percent legal team is very great. Soi American citizen now i do not live in fear that get me out of this country take onde lla raises. THANK MR.BECRAFT I SANDY G.

~ Juan Zelaya

(Translated by Google) Attorney Becraft worked on the status adjustment case of my Aunt Rosa A. He and Dennis took care of the whole process and made sure everything worked out. Thanks to them, my aunt today has her green card.

~ Gabriela Marin

(Translated by Google) I am very happy now receiving my residence targets thanks to attorney Todd Becraft, he and Sandy worked in my case Sobro following up my case are a team with a lot of patience and experience!

~ Claudia Valencia

(Translated by Google) Todd and his attorney Dennis asistene worked in the case of my aunt Isabel immigration issues and did a great job, very professional and effective. Dennis always answered our questions and were always available. We are very grateful to them and recommend to everyone.

~ Angie Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) The lawyer Todd and Denis did a miracle job on my cousin Isabelita case. We are very happy. Very happy with their help, we recommended it to everyone we know, because they really care about helping people forever. Thank you very much and God bless your good heart.

~ Mariuxi Aguirre

(Translated by Google) The lawyer Todd job in my deportation case with his assistant Sandy, thanks to them my case was solved, and not deport me and they will continue to work my case until a permanent solution.
My family and I are very grateful to them and recommend one hundred percent in our thinking is the best legal office that handles immigration cases.

~ Brenda Cruz

(Translated by Google) The Avogado Todd and his assistant Dennise will help my aunt on his immigration case, to work on with great care and efficacia and promptly resolved their case. Very happy with the results.

~ Cristina Villalba

(Translated by Google) Bectaft attorney Todd and his assistant Dennis did an excellent job in my case visa u. Thanks to them I could get my work permit. Gladly I recommend.

~ Sandra Saldana

(Translated by Google) I todabia remember when I went to the lawyer’s office “Todd Becraft” to ask if I could help apply for Dhaka. “The saver without my very quiet situation with brush painting the wall tijuana” medise “yes”.

~ Araceli Cardenas

(Translated by Google) Lawyer Becraft definitely recommend to anyone who needs any immigration problem, as my experience has been very good. the lawyer helped me in everything and been with me at all times

~ Digna Vasquez

(Translated by Google) Who is a lawyer and q onesto sincere care about saucepans really is just one of very professional related principle I congratulate for his work with me today I am fat recent God and this lawyer.

~ Jesus Albo

(Translated by Google) We are very please with your profecionalismo and people working in his office. Cadre excellent.

~ Yamileth Jovel

(Translated by Google) Excellent! Equipment and abogado.profecion as before the havia found throughout Los Angeles County. Most of my family has had cases with Becraft lawyer. No Hadan with rodeos, as I step with others who advertise on television and revisits. With them you do not waste time and money.

~ SOL PlayaYkAloR