Written Testimonials

At the Law Office of Todd Becraft, we provide our clients with the absolute best service from the moment they sign a contract with us until their case is finished. Here’s just what a few of our many satisfied clients have to say about our firm.


I will always live to remember the professional legal services that i received from the Law Office of Todd Becraft. All staff of this law firm are caring and always work according to the instructions of their client. Their boss too handled my case professionally and in time. Every phone call i ever made to them was attended to with a lot of respect. The services i received at this law firm were far more than what i was charged.

If you have any Immigration Case, please, i strongly recommend you to go to the Low Office of Todd Becraft, you will not regret.

Thank you Todd, Denis and all other staff at the low office of Todd Becraft for being professional.

Tiwa Bob

Certainly Attorney Todd Becraft, is the best immigration lawyer I know, among its qualities include:. Honesty, dedication, professionalism, very intelligent, charisma, deep knowledge of immigration law, etc,, He always puts first customer benefits and devotes all its resources and expertise to fight each case to win, honesty allows you to always speak the truth to your customers about the true reality of each case. One hundred percent recommend as the best California immigration attorney if not the best one of the best at the country level. Finally I want to acknowledge the commitment, dedication and professionalism of his team them together to make Todd perhaps the best team to handle cases of immigration in the country.

Ariel Arauz


I first heard about mr. todd becraft and his law office from a friend named peter. peter has once been a client to todd becraft and was very much satisfied with his service so he recommended him to me, and i have never regretted doing business with him.

On my first meeting with him, the reception was fantastic and very professional . he showed me a lot of care by asking how my family is doing, for me that is a mark of a person who cares about other people. i see him as an expert because of the way he asks question and answer questions , he is very knowledgeable and was very helpful with his answers and service rendered. i will not forget how he calls me on phone and updates me on issues and explain things to me. from some of my conversations with him, i got the impression he believes in achieving results and that is a hallmark of an achiever .

I feel so much relieve now and feels like a big burden has been taking off my shoulders. i will like to thank you mr. todd becraft for all your efforts made to help me.

I have tried different immigration lawyers in the past but none was able to help me, and the kind of service they provided me was very poor, i had to always call them to find out about the status of my case and updated, they never call me. mr. todd becraft and his law office do call me from time to time to update me on issues, and that i call professionalism. thanks to you todd and your team of worker and i will always recommend you to other person when the need arises.


Todd Becraft he is very good lawyer he will stand by your side for any immigration situation you might have as he did with my case. I should leave the country( USA ) because my status of political asylum was rejected at the immigration Judge. A few months later I married, my wife she is US citizen and we had baby together. Then we found one lawyer to reopen the case. I paid a lot of money, a few years later i received the response of immigration as what they are not going to change the judge’s decision. I suffered a lot with my case, I consulted many lawyers but they don’t give me hope I waste money for 10 years still was no hope for me and my family did not know what to do, my wife my daughter and I we had a very difficult time to bear. After many years suffering, God gave me grace I met mr Todd Becraft he is a very nice charismatic lawyer with a good heart end good personality. When I explained to him my problems, he told me I will work with your case i think everything will be fine. After about six months or a year, I began receiving positive responses from the immigration. I received the first letter from immigration that I have to go to do my biometric ( fingerprint ), I received another letter from immigration, they schedule an interview with all my family. Within weeks they sent me a congratulatory letter to the effect that my interview was fine, finally a few weeks after i received my permanent resident card in the mailbox. I said thank you to him for fighting for me giving me the freedom and joy of living in these country like anyone else, he wiped tears in my eyes. He is a unique, incomparable and amazing lawyer I have never seen. He has a lot of qualities that I don’t know how to describe it. I recommend to all people who have an immigration problems, come talk to Mr Todd Becraft you will not going to be disappointed you would be impressed by his work.



Attorney Todd Becraft is an exceptional and knowledgeable immigration attorney. Attny. Todd handled my case with such class and dignity, I won my case. Whenever I called his office, his Paralegal, Dennis Escobar was always willing to assist me and alleviate any concerns that I had. Dennis was always friendly and accommodating. I would highly recommend the Law Offices of Attny. Todd Becraft. Excellent staff, excellent customer service and very knowledgeable. Thank you Attny. Todd and staff.

Joseph M.

Atty.Todd Becraft is one of a kind gentleman.Ever since he handle my immigration issues, everything just went to the right direction.You can feel that he treat you like a member of the family.He’s also very attentive and approachable.Even financial issues, he’s flexible and very reasonable.My life now totally become fruitful.

Anybody I know or relatives ask me about immigration lawyer immediately my answer is Atty.Todd Becraft.Even his staffs were very courteous and professional.

Rolando G.