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Top-Rated Los Angeles Immigration attorney in California, the Law Offices of Todd Becraft have been rated among the top immigration attorneys in the country on Three Best Rated. We have over 30 years of experience helping individuals and families to achieve their American Dream from countries all over the world.

Our Story

In 2019 The Law Office of Todd Becraft celebrated their tenth anniversary – ten years of assisting and fighting for the rights of immigrants from all over the world. In 2009 attorney Todd Becraft assumed the practice of Immigration Judge Timothy Everett when he left private practice to work for the Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Prior to 2009, attorney Todd Becraft worked with Judy Wood, known as “Saint Judy” as portrayed in the recent motion picture of the same name. Our firm assists immigrants in immigration court and at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. At a time when many in our country have forgotten their immigrant roots, we have strengthened our commitment to welcoming and assisting immigrants into our communities. Please contact us so that we can assist you and your family.


What People are Saying

“Thank you Todd, Denis and all other staff ”

“I will always live to remember the professional legal services that i received from the Law Office of Todd Becraft. All staff of this law firm are caring and always work according to the instructions of their client.”

Tiwa Bob

“One hundred percent recommend”

“Certainly Attorney Todd Becraft, is the best immigration lawyer I know, among its qualities include:. Honesty, dedication, professionalism, very intelligent, charisma, deep knowledge of immigration law, etc.”

Ariel Arauz

“Thanks to you Todd, and your team”

“On my first meeting with him, the reception was fantastic and very professional . he showed me a lot of care by asking how my family is doing, for me that is a mark of a person who cares about other people.”


“Excellent staff, excellent customer service and very knowledgeable.”

“Attorney Todd Becraft is an exceptional and knowledgeable immigration attorney. Attny. Todd handled my case with such class and dignity, I won my case. “

Joseph M.

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It’s Not A Trick Question

This is not a trick question. I heard this from immigration officials twice in one day last week. First in the morning at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Service during a green card interview. Then in the afternoon during an Immigration Court hearing. Both times it...

Retirement Ripoff

An undocumented retiree of 65 years old recently visited my office. He had worked his entire adult life in the United States. When he first arrived here he applied for political asylum and was given a work permit and valid social security number. Unfortunately his...

Relief Under the Convention Against Torture

  Last week I had a final hearing on an asylum claim for a client from Guatemala. He entered the United States in 2011 and had been waiting eight years for his claim to be heard. Some on the Right would say this is ridiculous however keep in mind that his wife...