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Todd Becraft is a Los Angeles Immigration Lawyer with over 30 years of experience assisting people like you realize your dreams of American citizenship. With offices easily accessible from all parts of Greater Los Angeles, we’re here to help you.

Immigration Law is Part of the Foundation of America

Immigration is what our United States of America was founded on, and immigration law is the legal process that makes it work.

The text at the base of the Statue of Liberty famously reads:

Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Immigration historically has allowed the best and brightest individuals, previously stifled in their countries of origin, to gather within our borders regardless of where they were born, a process which continues to this day. Immigration has also allowed our country to provide a safe haven for those who are persecuted in their home country, a legal process called asylum. And finally, immigration is a laboratory that tests the notion that people from diverse backgrounds and cultures can live in the same community as long as they share “American” ideals.

A Law Office with Your Interests at Heart

These are the principles that we adhere to at the Law Office of Todd Becraft. More than two hundred years after the founding of our nation, immigration is still a process that can be difficult to navigate, and immigration law can be a source of great confusion, thus effectively sealing the door to our country for many people. Let us open those doors for you. We are passionate about making these ideals a reality for our clients so that we can be a part of the enduring American experiment.

We represent folks who are petitioned by their family members—long a part of the immigration tradition in this country. We also work with individuals and families that have been persecuted in their home country whether it be for a political opinion, their nationality or race, their religion, gender, sexual orientation or any other reason that offends a sense of justice. Finally, we assist immigrants who have lived in the United States without status avoid being separated from their families because of criminal convictions that don’t define who they are as people.

If you want a lawyer who has a small practice with a hands-on approach to your case, please contact our office and we can assist you.

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Luci Fer
Luci Fer
23:55 14 Sep 20
Todd Becraft is the man and a badass lawyer. He did an amazing job winning my moms case. Thanks to him and Mr. D for fighting for my mom’s right to remain in this country, she is a hardworking woman not a criminal like the orange man wants to portray us. Thank you very much, we highly recommend this immigration law firm, they are fair and the fees are reasonable and most importantly they win the cases.
Karikari Ka
Karikari Ka
15:40 19 Aug 20
Happy with the outcome of the case, this is a professional office and everyone is very nice. Tod is a great lawyer and the boy is nice too. They treat people like family and made me feel at home away from home. Thank you all for the help.
Rock'nroll Gangsta
Rock'nroll Gangsta
20:22 16 Aug 20
Mr. Becraft and his team are extraordinary at helping the immigrant community solve their immigration cases. My wife’s case was Adjustment of Status(Green card) but his office also do Citizenship, Asylum, U Visa, cancellation of removal (Deportation), waivers and a lot more. I’m happy to promote this office because the prices are very fair and they really care about helping people more than charging a fee. Mr. Becraft treats people with respect and his odd sense of humor makes him unique,... he is very down to earth, humble and kind. We had a great experience hiring his services and we wish him well.Thank you Mr. more
Letsbe Jolly
Letsbe Jolly
19:58 25 Jun 20
It’s extremely hard to find an honest and polite law firm. I called the Law Office of Todd Becraft to get basic immigration information on a case for my brother in law. I spoke to a lady named Armani she was patient and heard all of my questions and concerns, she told me she was not an attorney therefore she could not give me any legal advise and she also told me that my brother in law case does not sound difficult. She also advised me to research Todd Becraft online which I did. I’m happy... to see that there are honest attorneys and kind people left in this world. As soon as I talk to my brother in law I will call Armani back to schedule a consultation with Todd.Thank you Armani for being kind and patient with more
Somos pocos Pero locos
Somos pocos Pero locos
04:52 05 Jun 20
Todd Becraft is a humble and kind man and a superb attorney. He treats people with respect and has a friendly personality. People from all races and backgrounds love him and consider him a great role model. Every time a visit his office to review my immigration case I hear people in the waiting room talking about how great Todd is and how grateful they are to him. Todd is a great immigration attorney but overall he is a great human being. In these difficult times of racial tension, it is good... to meet a white man who treats all of us equally and with respect. Thank you Todd! 🙏🏼read more
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