Trump’s Travel Ban Doesn’t Hold Up

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On Feb 22nd, six more countries were slated to join President Tump’s U.S. travel ban:


It should come as no surprise, too, that each of these countries has a considerable Muslim population, which further aims to separate these communities from the U.S. while stoking fear in the public during the process.
Their Flawed Plan of Keeping Terrorists Out

In fact, Chad Wolf, the current secretary of Homeland Security, claims that each of the newly added countries falls short of “new vetting criteria for terrorists and criminals attempting to enter the United States.” However, why is it that these restrictions only apply to those wishing to immigrate?

For instance, Sudan and Tanzania can no longer take part in the “diversity visa” lottery program, whereas the other four countries’ immigrants are suspended from entry altogether. On the other hand, tourism and travel reasons aside from immigration are still in effect. That in itself proves a major flaw in Homeland Security’s reasons for wanting to thwart the entry of terrorists…
Trump Misinterprets U.S. Immigration Programs to Fuel His Own Ego
Overall, this latest travel ban couldn’t have come at a better time.

Trump misinterprets U.S. immigration programs to fuel his own ego. At the apex of his impeachment trial ending in acquittal, and the Iowa Caucuses resulting in a complete mess for Democrats, the travel ban is the perfect way to flex his authority to his conservative base and dismantle the American community into isolated factions.

As a result, other countries, like Nigeria—which is home to Africa’s largest economy—will seek partnerships with other superpowers. America’s economy will suffer from economic strain by global leaders, all while infusing the nation with distrust and stigmas that continue to plague vulnerable populations.

Funny enough, visa reforms already set after 9/11 do an incredible job of vetting and restricting potential terrorist threats into the U.S. According to a 2018 study by the libertarian Cato Institute, the Trump Administration’s travel bans of 2018 and present have little to no impact on the current results of imported terrorism, but they do come at a much higher and dangerous cost.

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